Baseball Nova Scotia Tournament Application

BNS will provide the secsessful applicant with the following:

1. Medals

2. Banner

3. 1 Dozen Baseballs

4. Lineup Cards

5. Pitch Count Sheets

6. Baseball Canada Rule Book

7. Baseball Nova Scotia Handbook

8. Small Monatary Stipend - Based on the Following Chart (Click Here).


Before Filling out the online form you may wish to view the whole document, found here.

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Type of Tournament
 Provincial Championship
 Atlantic Championship
 National Eliminations

The common goal for Baseball Nova Scotia is to create a template whereas all of our provincial tournaments follow a similar standard throughout the season. Players, parents, officials and fans will then have some level of expectation as to what the tournament will be like. We do understand that not every area has an identical appearance but BNS will assist each tournament hosting committee with a guideline for them to follow. PLease fill out the following questionnaire with the utmost honesty and please provide a contact name and phone number. We may need to contact your association if we have any questions or concerns.

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