Bluenose League Team Registration

Cost: $150 (per team)

Bluenose Registration Deadline: May 15th, 2017

Bluenose Registration Fee Deadline: June 26th, 2017

Information Required:
- Team name (including division – example: Dartmouth Arrows 11U AAA)
- Home night
- Home field
- Contact information

- Participating in provincial league, schedule that runs from May 29th to August 30th
- Medals to top two overall teams in the league
- Administrative support (schedules, communications, etc.)

In an effort to help promote arm saftey teams will be required to submit rosters for Bluenose League Teams. Pitch count information will be required to be entered when entering scores for each game.

Rosters can be entered through your associations registrar.

Home Night
Secondary Home Night
Home Field
Team Name
Home Night Game Time
Head Coach First Name
Head Coach Last Name
Head Coach E-mail
Head Coach Phone
Please enter contact information for any other team coaches, managers, etc.

Blackout Dates:

Please enter up to a maximum of three (3) dates (weekends) your team is unable to play. If there is a scenario where your team cannot play at home but your team can still play that weekend please put that in the notes section below.

Blackout Date 1 Start:
Blackout Date 1 End:
Blackout Date 2 Start:
Blackout Date 2 End:
Blackout Date 3 Start:
Blackout Date 3 End:
Blackout Date Notes:

Before submitting this form, please click on the link below to move the contents of box "A" into box "B" leaving the first box empty.

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