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Return to Play: Phase 2 (competition)

On July 31st, associations and teams will be permitted to begin competition.

As a baseball community, we must be grateful for the opportunity to get on the field this summer. It is everyone’s responsibility to adhere to core public health guidelines. The rules and guidelines presented in this document must be adopted by all groups in order to operate. Reasonable attempts to follow these rules must be made. Failure to do so could result in loss of membership, facility usage, and negatively impact the possibility of the sport progressing in the Return to Play plan. Most importantly, we need to ensure the safety of all participants.

Teams who wish to have their contact information displayed on the Baseball Nova Scotia website are asked to fill out the form below, this will allow other teams to contact your team to arrange for exhibition games.


The updated "Return to Play" plan will be posted here once completed. Teams who do not follow the guidelines set out will not be permitted to play games.

  1. Team's must complete their rosters on the Baseball Nova Scotia
  2. All players, coaches, assistant coaches MUST complete the waiver
  3. A list of participants attending games, practices etc. must be kept by the coach (template here)
Based on your knowledge of the Bluenose League, where do you perceive your team to fit in prior to the season?
Team Name
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How many assistant coaches does your team have:

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