Canada Games 17U

Program Description:

To systematically identify and train the province’s best baseball players. This program seeks to prepare these athletes to showcase their talents at the country’s elite tournament, the Canada Cup/Canada Games. This program is the Learn to Compete stage (Elite level) and progresses athletes to National/University programs.

2018 Nova Scotia 17U Core Team Announced


Core Team Schedule:

Sat March 3rd – East Hants Facility from 4pm 6pm

Sun March 4th – East Hants Facility from 10am – 12pm

Sun March 11th – East Hants Facility from 10am – 1pm

Sat March 17th – East Hants Facility from 3pm – 5pm                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Sun March 18th – East Hants Facility from 12pm – 3pm

Friday March 30th – East Hants Facility from 2pm – 5pm


** May consider adding a workout the weekend of March 24/25 or April 6/7.

*** Schedule is subject to change... We will communicate as timely as possible



We would ask that each player/family please contact Kevin Richardson to confirm attendance and commitment to the BNS 17U Core Program.

Email -

Phone - (902) 483 - 5149


The cost for players to participate in the Core team will be $220, which will include the following:

- Approx. 6-7, Baseball and Fitness Workouts (indoor)

- NS T-Shirt and Hat

Payment is due by March 4th… Cheques can be made payable to... Nova Scotia Youth Selects 17U. We are trying to secure e-transfer payment options and will update everyone at the parent meeting.


*** We will host a short parent meeting at 4:05 pm at our first workout on Saturday March 3rd at the East Hants Facility.


Baseball NS 17U Core Team 2018

Boudreau, Tyler

Boutilier, Nathan

Boutilier, Noah

Chitty, Graden

Cuvilier, Layton

Flaim. Matteo

Fraser, Cooper

Gravel, Nick

Haight, Jackson

MacDonald, Riley

MacDowell, Micah *

MacKenzie, Ayden

MacKinnon, Nathan

MacLellan, Ethan

MacMullin, Brett

Mann, Timmy

Marks, Carsten

McLaughlin, Duncan

Murrin, Keagan

Ouellette, Alex

O’Rourke, Corson

O’Toole, Evan *

Phinney, Jarrett

Rhodenizer, Noah

Riddell, Cole

Roode, Ben

Short, Michael

Sibley, Breton

Webber, Nathan *

White, Rory


*Denotes… players away at baseball academy


Thank you,

Nova Scotia 17U Coaching Staff



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