How do I find what courses I need?

Underneath the coaching tabs on BNS homepage, click on the coaching requirements tab. It will show you a picture from the NCCP home page on how to check for the coaching requirements for any level. To check for your specific level, go to the NCCP homepage.


How do I find the coaching clinics?

Underneath the tab coaches on the main homepage of the NCCP website, there will be a section for Coaching Clinics. Click on Coaching Clinics and it will bring you to all the ones currently scheduled


Do I need to register online for the coaching clinics?

Yes, you do need to complete an Online Initiation course before attending one of the coaching clinics.


How do I register for a coaching clinic?

Under the coach’s tab, click on NCCP login, once you log in you will be able to find the course listings. Click on the course you want to attend and you will be able to register. Again, you must complete the Online Initiation course in order to receive an NCCP number and gain access to clinic registration.

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