Rule Changes 2013

Protective Headgear

2.1.2 (4) Any player in the Midget age category or below acting as a coach in the first and/or third base coach’s box must wear a proper double ear flap helmet.


Pitch Count for Ambidextrous Pitchers:

            The total number of pitches thrown by an ambidextrous pitcher are counted for the purpose of calculating pitch count, regardless of which arm or combination there- of is throwing.


Rule Interpretation on Pitch Count and Suspended Game.

                When a game is stopped by inclement weather or for any other reason than a mercy rule, that specific game has to be resumed at the point of stoppage.  If Pitcher “A” is the starting pitcher of a game and has a pitch count below the first threshold, Pitcher “A” can then be used as a pitcher again for that particular game but considering he will be carrying the number of pitches thrown when the game stopped.  This applies for a game that is resumed on the same day or on the next day.  For example, if Pitcher “A” threw 30 pitches at Bantam Nationals, he will then be allowed to throw a maximum of 65 pitches when the game resumes.  If Pitcher “A” had thrown 36 pitches when the rain started, he would not be eligible to pitch if that game is re-scheduled for the next day as he needs his full day of rest.  If the game is resumed during the same day, he can then come back as pitcher while carrying his pitches.


Pitch Count based on Age:

  Pitch count is based on age of player and not division player is playing in.


 Bat Rules

  • Bantam AAA – wood bats only
  • For 2014 Peewee Bats will have the -5 weight to length differential.


Pitching Rule – Balk

Effective for the 2013 season, a pitcher, while in contact with the pitching rubber, may not fake a throw to third base. Thus, a pitcher while in contact with the pitching rubber, fakes a throw to third base, then throws to first base is now considered a Balk.







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