NOW OPEN: Bluenose League Registration

Published Monday, April 15, 2019

Registration for the 2019 Bluenose League is now open. Deadline to register is May 15th at 5:00 PM. Late registrations will not be accepted!

CLICK HERE to register for the 2019 Bluenose League Season.

Bluenose League Changes

The changes brought in last season will again be used for the 2019 season and onward.

When registering teams must provide a max of 3 weekends they are unable to play and a min of 3 weekends they are available for travel which may result in overnight stays between the beginning of the season (May 28th) and the end of the initial schedule (July 8th). We will be requiring teams to submit the same information for the period of July 9th until the end of the season, August 31st. This will be required by June 24th.

All tournaments hosted by member associations must be submitted via the Association Tournament Form in order to receive sanctioning. Tournaments not submitted in this manner and appearing on our website will not be sanctioned by Baseball Nova Scotia, meaning no access to insurance coverage or BNSUD umpires.

Along with the $150.00 registration fee teams will be required to provide a $500.00 attendance bond. This is to be sent to the BNS office in the form of a cheque and not cashed until an infraction occurs, should teams choose to blatantly avoid travel, cancel games during weekends submitted as being able to travel, cancel games to participate in tournaments not sanctioned by Baseball Nova Scotia bonds will be cashed and teams removed from league play and provincial championship play.

Full rule details can found in the BNS Handbook (click here).


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