Nova Scotia Canada Games Final Roster

Published Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Nova Scotia Canada Games Final Roster 2017


Thank you very much to all the players and families for their commitment to the NS Canada Games/17U Winter and Spring Core Team Program.

The players competition level made for some really tough decisions by the coaching staff. We wish everyone the best of luck and an enjoyable season.


Nova Scotia Canada Games Team

Blackett, Dyton

Flaim, Matteo

Gravel, Nick

Griffin, Jaden

Hagen, Joey

King, Joel

Laurette, Billy

Legere, Sam

MacDowell, Micah

MacKeigan, Brandon

MacKinnon, Jake

Naugle, Michael

O’Toole, Evan

Peterson, Garrett

Ritchie, Chris

Turner, Max

Watson, Lucas

Weatherston, Ben

White, Rory

Zinck, Zack


A separate email will be sent to the players and families with regards to the schedule for the upcoming weekend.


Thank you

Baseball NS Canada Games Coaching Staff


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