NEW Changes for 2018 Season!!

Published Monday, April 23, 2018

Over the off season Baseball Nova Scotia along with the hard work of a number of committies have put in place several new initiatives for the 2018 season and moving forward. Also included are a few rule changes. Below is a summary of the changes, full wording and policy can be found in the 2018 Baseball Nova Scotia Handbook (click here).

11U Bat Size

The bat shall be round and made of approved material, and shall NOT be more than thirty-two (32) inches in length, or more than 2-3/4 inches in diameter at its thickest part. Bats may be taped to a distance not exceeding sixteen (16) inches from the handle.

11U Stealing Home

The rule which prevents the stealing of home plate in 11U no longer applies in the AA division. This is to align with the Atlantic Championships at which stealing home at the AA level is permitted. In scenarios during the beginning of the season where an A team plays a AA team for alignment purpose we will follow the rule for the A level (i.e. no stealing of home permitted).

Bluenose League Changes

When registering teams must provide a max of 3 weekends they are unable to play and a min of 3 weekends they are available for travel which may result in overnight stays between the beginning of the season (May 28th) and the end of the initial schedule (July 8th). We will be requireing teams to submit the same information for the periof of July 9th until the end of the season, August 31st. This will be required by June 24th.

All tournaments hosted by member associations must be submitted via the Association Tournament Form in order to recieve sanctioning. Tournaments not submitted in this manner and appearing on our website will not be sanctioned by Baseball Nova Scotia, meaning no access to insurance coverage or BNSUD umpires.

Along with the $150.00 registration fee teams will be required to provide a $500.00 attendance bond. This is to be sent to the BNS office in the form of a cheque and not cashed until an infraction occurs, should teams choose to blaintly avoid travel, cancel games during weekends submitted as being able to travel, cancel games to participate in tournaments not sanctioned by Baseball Nova Scotia bonds will be cashed and teams removed from league play and provincial championship play.

Full rule details can found in the BNS Handbook (click here).

Provincial Championships

Provincial Eliminations have been removed, all teams who register for provincial championships will be able to participate. Should there be categories with more then 8 teams, we will create tiers within the division and everyone will have the ability to participate for a provincial banner. Full explanation of the changes and process can be found in the BNS Handbook (click here).

18U and 21U Roster Policy

There are new restrictions for players in the 18U age category playing up in the 21U age group as well as 18U player releases. 18U players are now only permitted to appear in a maximum of 5 games at the 21U level (in the province of Nova Scotia), only one of which may be during the national elimination tournament. A third year 18U player may play up in 21U provided their current association releases the player or they are successful in their application for exceptional status. A second year 18U player may only appear on a 21U roster if they are secussful in an application for exceptional status. 21U rosters will be locked as of June 1st and none of the 18U ages players will be permitted to play down.

The 18U division will be concidered a minor division therefor all players will require releases should they with to move from one association to another.

Full rule details can found in the BNS Handbook (click here).

21U Pitch Count

The 21U division will now be governed by pitch count rules. The numbers below apply to a player and not a team, 21U players who are called up into Intermediate or Senior ant pitch are still governed by the pitch count rules.

21U Men (Junior) Rest Required
1-45 None
46-60 1 day
61-75 2 days
76-90 3 days
91-115 4 days
115 Daily Max


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