Pitch Count Rule Changes for 2019

Published Tuesday, June 4, 2019

In all Baseball Nova Scotia sanctioned competitions, once a pitcher is about to throw the pitch which would lead him/her to reach one of the pitch count thresholds and the coach wishes not to throw this pitcher past this threshold, the coach will call time and indicate to the umpire this would be the last batter. Once that at-bat is completed, the pitcher must be withdrawn and be credited with only throwing the limit of pitches for that particular threshold.

This is in place for EVERY threshold and not just the last batter as in previous years.

For example, in 15U, if a coach wants a pitcher to be withdrawn at 35 pitches, they would signal to the umpire prior to the throwing of the 35th pitch. “Last batter”.

Once the pitcher finishes that batter, he/she would be withdrawn from the game and credited with throwing 35 pitches even if they threw any additional pitches to retire the "Last Batter."


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