UPDATED- 17U Program

Published Tuesday, August 27, 2019

On behalf of Baseball Nova Scotia and the 17U Provincial Team Program, we want to share the following info regarding the new program structure being offered with fall initiatives and an off season development.

The selection process for the Head Coach position for the next two years of the program (2020 & 2021) is in the process and should be finalized by Aug 30th.  This will allow for identification workouts and core team sessions to take place in Sept/Oct. Identified athletes will receive additional supports outside of technical training over the winter in the form of physical conditioning, mental performance, nutritional education, and much more.

The BNS program will focus on athletes who wish to participate in the 17U provincial program for the coming seasons. Any players that are selected to participate in the off season development program are expected to commit to this program. Additionally BNS acknowledges and understands that some athletes may play other sports, attend other baseball training sessions, or may be away attending another baseball program. BNS will be open and flexible with these commitments, as long as there is clear communication from athletes involved and the 17U program is the priority.

Be sure to check back into our website in the next couple of weeks for additional information and dates!


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