A Division Classification Tournament Schedules Released

Published Friday, July 6, 2018

11U A

Pool A
Hammonds Plains A's - Bailie (host)
O-Town Sluggers - Reade
Springhill Fencebusters - Wood
East Hants Nationals - Preiss
Clark's Harbour Foggies - Goreham
Clark's Harbour Foggies - MacIntosh

Pool A Schedule

Pool B
New Waterford Dodgers - Hillier (host)
Glace Bay Antonians - Bonnar
Glace Bay Colonels - O'Neil
Sydney Mines Ramblers - MacDougall
Strait Area Sting - Brown
Inverness Ravens - Stewart

Pool B Schedule


13U A

Pool A
New Waterford Dodgers - MacKinnon (host)
North Sydney All Stars - MacDonald
Sydney Mines Ramblers - Johnson
Strait Area Sting - Bona
Antigonish Angels - Farrell

Pool A Schedule

Pool B
Lunenburg Mariners - Whitty (host)
Liverpool Privateers - Shand
Springhill Fencebusters - Dormiedy
Westville Miners - Best

Pool B Schedule

15U A

Pool A
Liverpool Privateers - Ringer (host)
Clark's Harbour Foggies - Atwood
Porters Lake - McKinnon

Pool A Schedule



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