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Published Tuesday, March 2, 2021

In the coming weeks, we will start our 2021 Registration process with the expectation that the BNS Bluenose Regular season will begin in late May/ early June as it had prior to 2020. At this point, we do not know what the season may look like, but we need to start preparing for an expected season.

Over the past year, BNSUD has learned that we need to better utilize technology. The BNSUD Board has taken advantage of a great opportunity and we are working with a Web development team to create a new BNSUD website to better meet the needs of our members and to allow us to provide more to each individual umpire. The website will hopefully be finished in the coming weeks so we can start our registration process and better communicate with our members.

Unlike in past years, we will be using the new BNSUD website to handle our registration process and there will be a number of changes to how we handle our registration process. The purpose of the new website is so our members can have a better tool to learn as umpires and be able to do their online learning in a better format. The online sessions will be prerecorded sessions using what we would have done in the past in our clinics so that we can better utilize the in-person time for more practical umpiring opportunities – positioning, calling pitches, repetitions, etc. This will allow us to be more COVID conscious and flexible.

With all that, here is a quick breakdown on what you can expect to see for the registration process in the coming weeks:

1)  We will be providing access to the new website with more instructions on how to navigate the website – possibly even a short tutorial document.

2)  In order to register, you will create your own user profile. In your profile, the plan is to have several links, pdfs, etc. that you will have easier access to as reference materials. More information to come.

3)  Once you are registered, pay your registration–ElectronicFundsTransfer (EFT) is preferred. This will make the process much quicker for you. If this is an issue, we ask that you reach out.

4)  Once registered and registration is paid, the online learning modules will be assigned to user profile based on your level registration. There will be modules for all umpires to take. More information will be sent out for the modules for each level.

5)  For those Level 1 and Level 2 umpires, your online learning will be done on the new website. For the Level 3, 4, 5 – there is a National Virtual Super Clinic that is required – information has already been sent out.

6)  Once each module is completed, for each module there will be a short review 5 question quiz at the end to ensure that you completed the module.

7)  Once the online modules for your level are complete there will be the normal exam – done through the website.

8)  With completion of exam, with the caveat that we are allowed to by Public Health, we will be offering in person clinics– priority to new umpires as currently we know there are gathering limits and if we are indoors, those locations have their own capacity limits. We will be hoping to have more opportunities as instead of a 6 to 8 hour clinic, where the online learning will be completed, the in-person session should be 2 to 3 hours depending on group size and the facility. We are working on a schedule now and will provide more details as we learn more.

There will be more communication sent out aimed more specifically at your current level within BNSUD and we will be posting to our current website and Facebook page. We hope to also use the Baseball Nova Scotia website as well.

I know there will likely be lots of questions. If you have any, please reach out via email at


Joel Rodgers President BNSUD

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