Calendar Of Events

2021 Baseball Nova Scotia Calendar of Events - Subject to change pending public health protocols




April 17th

2021 BNS AGM (Best Western – Dartmouth)

April 21st

  • Metro South RD Meeting – 6:30 pm (Zoom)
  • Metro North RD Meeting – 8:00 pm (Zoom

April 22nd

  • Southern RD Meeting – 6:00 pm (Zoom)
  • Cape Breton RD Meeting – 7:30 pm (Zoom)
  • Northern RD Meeting – 9:00 pm (Zoom)

May 17th (4:00 pm)

  • Bluenose League Registration Deadline (22U, 18U, and 15U)
  • Deadline to submit tournaments for June

May 24th (4:00 pm)

  • Bluenose League Registration Deadline (13U and 14U Girls)
  • Deadline to submit tournaments for June

May 31st (4:00 pm)

  • Bluenose League Registration Deadline (11U and 12U Girls)
  • Deadline to submit tournaments for June

June 2nd

Bluenose League play begins (22U, 18U, and 15U)

June 9th

Bluenose League play begins (13U and 14U Girls)

June 14th

Bluenose League play begins (11U and 12U Girls)

June 23rd

  • Provincial Host Deadline
  • Atlantic Host Deadline
  • Provincial Registration Deadline
  • Bluenose Fee Deadline (will not be included in second half schedule if not paid)
  • Deadline to submit tournaments for remainder of season

June 24th

Classification Meeting (22U, 18U, and 15U)

June 30th

Classification Meeting (13U and 11U)

June 30th

Classifications Released (22U, 18U, and 15U)

July 4th

Classifications Released (13U and 11U)

July 4th

Original Schedule Ends (22U, 18U, and 15U)

July 5th

New Schedule Begins (22U, 18U, and 15U)

July 10th

Original Schedule Ends (13U and 11U)

July 11th

New Schedule Begins (13U and 11U)

July 9th-11th

18U Eliminations

July 16th 

BNS Membership Registration Deadline

July 17th-19th

Non-Bluenose League Classification Tournament

July 23rd

Deadline to submit evidence for promotion or demotion

July 23rd-25th

22U Eliminations

July 23rd -25th

AA Qualifications

July 26th

Deadline for removal of players from BNS membership (no refunds will be invoiced after this date, and associations will be invoiced for players on roster)

July 28th

Final divisions and tiers released

July 30th

Deadline to appeal Tiers (official written appeal and $500 bond must be received)

August 4th

Deadline for roster changes to teams attending Provincial Championships (additions or removals)

August 5th-9th

22U Men’s National (Dartmouth/Halifax)

August 4th- 9th

Baseball Canada Cup (Fort McMurray, Alberta)

August 12th-15th

21U Women’s National (St.John’s NL)

August 19th-22nd

18U National Men (Fort MacMurray, AB)

Senior Women (Stonewall, Manitoba)

August 20th- 22nd

Provincial Championships

18U AA (all Tiers)


11U AA

12U Girls

Intermediate A

Intermediate AA

Intermediate AAA

August 26th-29th

13U National (Woodstock, ON)

15U National (Okotoks, Alberta)

16U Girls National (Summerside, PEI)

Senior National (Red Deer, AB)

August 27th- 29th

Provincial Championships


18U A (all Tiers)

14U Girls


11U A (all Tiers)

September 3rd-5th

Provincial Championships


15U AA

15U A (all Tiers)

13U AA

13U A (all Tiers)

September 3rd-5th

18U AA Atlantic Championships (New Brunswick)

September 10th-12th

14U Girls Atlantic Championships (Nova Scotia)

September 17th-19th

Atlantic Championships

11U AA (Newfoundland and Labrador)

11U AAA (Nova Scotia)

13U AA (Prince Edward Island)

13U AAA (Newfoundland and Labrador)

15U AA (New Brunswick)

15U AAA (Nova Scotia)

October 9th

Baseball Nova Scotia Hot Stove (1:00 pm)

Baseball Nova Scotia Awards Banquet (6:30 pm)

November 10th-14th

Baseball Canada Convention (Alberta)




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